Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ITR Committee Announced

ITR Committee Chair Kris Joseph recently announced the full lineup of the committee (save for one space). The full announcement and more detail should be available on the Equity web site in the next short while, but in the meantime, here is the rundown.

From Kris:
"We have forged a troupe of 13 committee members from across Canada and are now planning for our first group meeting and the data collection phase of our mandate. Sharon, Kerry Ann and I are VERY pleased with the makeup of the group and excited about the work.
We have a wide range of work experience, career depth and breadth; expertise on data collection and analysis as well as health & safety and diversity issues; a very even gender split; and a range of folks who are members and member-engagers."
The committee is:

BC & Yukon: Steven Greenfield, Colleen Winton, Katey Wright

Northern Alberta: Gina Puntil

Southern Alberta: Cheryl Hutton

Saskatchewan: James (Jim) Arthur

Manitoba & Nunavut: (still to be confirmed)

Ontario: Sharon Di Genova, Kerry Ann Doherty, Richard Lee, Mark Wallace

Eastern Ontario & Outaouais: Kris Joseph (committee chair)

Quebec: Deena Aziz

Thanks to all who have stepped forward to help craft the future of independent theatre in Canada.


  1. No one east of Montreal stepped forward?

  2. Hey there, Anonymous!

    We did not receive any submissions for the committee from the Atlantic region in our initial call for participation.

    This was absolutely a concern for us as the submission deadline loomed; we extended the deadline, and also sent direct email notices to Atlantic region members asking for submissions, but ultimately received none.

    We are aware of the gap and definitely have our eye on it: the effect of this lack of representation for the region means we'll have to put in some extra leg work to get feedback from members in that part of the country. We'll be gathering data from a representative cross-section of members from across Canada, and the Atlantic region will not be overlooked as part of that process.

    Additionally, the committee will be asking for and relying on assistance from the existing regional CPAGs (Council Policy Advisory Groups) as part of our committee work. In the case of the Atlantic region, we will depend on the local CPAG to help us reach out to any members who wish to participate!

    If you know of any Atlantic members who would like to help us out, we'd love to hear from them -- you can get in touch with the committee any time at

    - Kris Joseph
    ITR Committee chair


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