Monday, July 25, 2011

Customer service standards

I wrote several months back regarding new customer service standards that were in the works, and they have recently been published on the Equity website. You can find all the details here, but these are the basics:
  1. All persons dealing with Equity may expect to be treated in a courteous manner.
  2. All persons dealing with Equity may expect a knowledgeable response to their inquiry.
  3. All persons dealing with Equity should expect to receive a timely response to their request for services or in response to their communication.
Just as importantly, there is now a clearly identified process for dealing with complaints.
As with all policies, Council will regularly monitor results from this change, and that will be added to our review of policy EL-2, in June of each year.

In the context of the thousands of service interactions each year, problems are fortunately rare. However, we do recognise the impact that a even minor issues can have in the context of an individual production or members' livelihood. Equity is committed to identifying issues as they occur and working toward improvement. These new service standards are an important step in that process.

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