Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Meeting of Council

As of this past Sunday, the 2012-2015 Council formally took office. The team for the term (in case you missed the announcement) is:

Hume Baugh (Ontario)
Scott Bellis (BC/Yukon)
Nigel Bennett (Ontario)
Mark Brownell (Ontario)
Angela Christie (Saskatchewan)
Kerry Davidson (BC/Yukon)
Jane Heyman (BC/Yukon)
Evan R. Klassen (Eastern Opera)
Kristina Nicoll (Ontario)
Wade Nott (Western Opera)
Simon Mallett (Alberta South)
Geoff McBride (Eastern Ontario/Outaouais)
Yanna McIntosh (Ontario)
Robert Pel (Eastern Opera)
Kimberly Rampersad (Manitoba/Nunavut)
Bill Robertson (Dance)
Howard Rosenstein (Quebec)
Robert Seale (Atlantic)
Garett Spelliscy (Alberta North/NWT)
Vinetta Strombergs (Ontario)
Allan Teichman (Stage Management)
Aaron Willis (Ontario)

If any of these people arrive back home looking a little bleary-eyed, and perhaps a bit stunned, that will give you some idea of the jam-packed nature of the meeting. It was three full days of board training and business.

On Monday afternoon, Council proceeded to elect it's officers for the term, and they are:

Allan Teichman - President
Kerry Davidson - 1st Vice President (Advisory Coordinator)
Aaron Willis - 2nd Vice President (Member Liaison)
Evan R. Klassen - Secretary Treasurer

A few years back I casually remarked that I anticipated the first year of the term would see Council working flat out, but that things would ease up a bit after that. I could not have been more wrong, and this term looks like it will also be packed wall to wall.

Welcome and congratulations to the 2012-2015 Council. Let's get to work!

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