Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dues Referendum 2014 - guest post

From Stats Can: "In the past decade, the average price for food staples has risen. From 1999 to 2009, the average price of a loaf of bread has increased from $1.31 to $2.50, a dozen eggs from $1.77 to $2.61, 454 grams of butter from $3.01 to $4.35, a litre of partly skimmed milk from $1.41 to $2.11 and 1 kg of ground beef from $3.90 to $7.02."

Are you paying the same amount for rent, utilities, transit, phone, cosmetics, gym membership, etc as you did in 1999? How can any Equity card-carrying member expect their Association to continue operating our "business of show" at a loss?  I run my own gardening business when I'm not onstage, and much as I hate to raise my fees, I must, if I want to maintain a high standard of service to my clients. Revenue Canada wouldn't tolerate a business running at a loss for long. 

I fully support increasing our dues rate and keeping CAEA operational at the high standard of service we have come to expect, and indeed, need.  CAEA has had my back in a number of disputes with producers and I hate to imagine the dark days of no regulation. I ask you to keep us strong and united by keeping our professional Association in good business stead.

Paula Wolfson
Member, Ontario


  1. can I ask what was the membership number in 1999? We're close to 6000 now I understand

  2. Sorry for the delay. I don't have detailed membership info from that time, but one of the documents from that referendum refer to a membership in good standing of about 4700. Currently, our membership in good standing is 5700.


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