Friday, December 4, 2015

Council Focus Survey Summary

In prep for the inaugural meeting, Council got its first look at the detailed Council Focus survey results. We still have to work our way through them, but we wanted to share the overall picture with you right away.

304 submissions were received from a total of 213 members, which is almost an identical participation rate from the last time we did this. Up to three suggestions were solicited per response – just less than half of submissions included at least two, and one-quarter included three. About one-third of the respondents indicated that they would be willing to be contacted in regards to their submissions, which means we have access to even more detail, if needed.

Each submission was assigned a short topic heading based on the main point being made. Then, related and compatible categories were combined – the top two suggestions are good examples of this.

Here are the results ranked by frequency.

Inclusivity (diversity) 45
Stage management issues 32
Indie theatre 29
Insurance 20
ACTRA (partnership with) 18
Member Engagement and Involvement 13
Opera 13
Engagements (general) 12
Advocacy 11
Rehearsal issues 9
Engagements (terms) 9
Fees 8
Jobs 8
Scale agreements 7
Regional issues 6
Governance 6
Touring 5
Seniors 5
Respectful workplaces 5
Digital Media 5
Auditions 5
Visioning  for the future 4
Communications 3
Career transition 3
Understudy 2
U.S. work  2
Safety at work 2
Promotion of the Artist 2
Professional development  2
Mentorship 2
Joining 2
Engagers 2
Elections 2
Dues 2
Audiences 2
Volunteer shows 1
Staff 1
Showcase opportunities 1
Script development 1
Reciprocity 1
Engager education 1
Employment insurance 1
Member Service 1
Benefits and Fundraisers  1

General comments were also requested at the end of the survey, and we received 49 of these.

Council will be reviewing the overall patterns in these results as a priority item and making a determination on which topics to target over the course of the term. Members can also expect to see some committees formed early in the new year to tackle major issues.

As always, we welcome your comment and feedback. You can contact me at, or Katey Wright, Second Vice-president at, or either of us through the national office.

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