Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Audition Project

It's almost here!

Next Monday and Tuesday in Halifax, PACT and Equity will be jointly sponsoring an audition opportunity with ADs from one coast to the other. Enter the Audition Project. As well as scheduled audition slots, members are invited to attend an evening forum focussing on how best to make an impression on a director, and how to pitch a project to an AD.

Last I checked, there were still a couple of slots open – details and application info are posted on the Equity homepage.

I'll be there on Monday, and in attendance at the forum, so stop over and say hi.


  1. Is this type of event likely to come to Vancouver? I can't think of a city more in need of the Audition Project. I'd love to participate but I'd also be happy to help facilitate just such a thing happening.

  2. That is definitely something under consideration. The feedback on the event was very positive, and we'd like to repeat the Audition Project in another centre.

    The challenge is that holding such an event is not inexpensive, either for Equity or for the engagers involved. Staff is examining alternatives to bring the cost down.


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