Monday, October 6, 2014

Did you know? - Dues remission

Since 1990, Equity has offered dues remission to senior artists within each of its disciplines. Upon application, eligible members may be granted relief from payment of basic (annual) dues. Further details and application instructions can be found here.

The thresholds for eligibility are:
  • age 65 for performers, stage managers, directors, fight directors and choreographers
  • age 55 for opera singers
  • age 45 for ballet dancers 
We've recently completed some bylaw changes to increase member awareness of the option. Commencing later this year, all members newly eligible will receive notice and application information no later than the first dues billing period for which remission would be available. Of course, members who decide not to apply at that point, and quite a few do, can still apply at a later time.

There are a few important things to know about dues remission.
  • Dues remission is not automatic - you must apply for it.
  • You must be a regular member in good standing at the time of application, and have at least ten prior years of regular membership in good standing.
  • Dues remission affects basic (annual dues) only - working dues are still payable.
  • Dues remission is not mandatory – many members have elected to continue to pay basic dues in support of their Association.
  • Dues remission does not affect membership rights or obligations, nor RRSP or insurance coverage.
If you need to know more about dues remission, please contact either office, and staff will be glad to assist.

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