Monday, February 10, 2014

Dues Referendum 2014 - guest post

When I started with CAEA in 2005, I never gave any thought to the privileges that had been earned by the hard work of our association. Things like fair contracts, scheduled breaks, safe working conditions and insurance, I assumed were simply deserved and therefore provided. I had to ask what an RRSP contribution was (though, I've never been on the infamous 'list').

In 2010, I decided that I wanted a better understanding of what Equity was all about. I joined the Council Policy Advisory Group and marveled at the commitment, talent, care and foresight with which our organisation was being governed.

This country is huge and the number of approaches to creating our art is limited only by our imaginations. Understanding that our association is, simply that, 'ours' was incredibly empowering. The Indie 2.0 Agreement and the new Collective Agreement are two of the many testaments to the fact that our opinions matter and can make a difference - from coast to coast to coast. 

These changes take time. Undoubtedly. Personally, I would rather see it done with care and consideration - correctly and with sensitivity to how disparate our theatre landscape can be. 

I would like to tip my toque to our members across the country who have gathered information, researched, polled and laboured to ensure that we can adapt, grow and flourish.

Aaron Hursh
Member, Saskatchewan

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