Monday, February 17, 2014

Dues Referendum 2014 - a personal note

I've been very fortunate in my career…

There was the week when all the paycheques were "locked in the office safe" and nobody knew the combination; the time when the engager forgot that it was payday, and could not be reached; and the show when paycheques were distributed unsigned.

There was the added performance we all found out about with only two hours notice; the day a debt-collection bailiff sealed the theatre and seized the contents, including all our personal belongings; and the GM who informed me that it was "company policy" not to pay contractually-required overtime to their stage managers.

There was the producer who fired me the week before I started work, because I had the audacity to stand up for the terms of my contract; the PM who told me that meal break requirements did not apply to stage managers; and the company that had still not reimbursed my petty cash expenses a full month after the contract ended.

What's so fortunate about all that? It only took a phone call to Equity solve the problem.

I and my fellow company members could have fought any of these battles as individuals, but I'm very grateful that we didn't have to. And I'm equally grateful for the good fortune of having the vast majority of things go right, week in and week out. I can thank Equity for both. I have done a heck of a lot better over the years with their help, than I ever would have without it. 

Even as Council President, I will tell you that Equity is not always perfect, and there is always room for improvement. The past three years have seen quite a few major "upgrades" in your association, and Council hope to bring in even more. But, further improvement takes resources. And that is where you come in…

Equity has always had my back, and it has yours. If you want to keep Equity strong, and see it continue to improve, please support the dues increase.

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